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01 August 2015 @ 02:32 pm
Title: Maddie is Missing
Format: Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles (other background relationships)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 49,773 words
Warnings/Contains: panic attacks, temporary character death, kidnapping of a child, non-consensual drug use, magical!Stiles, omega!Stiles, mpreg, (see AO3 for more tags)
Notes: This is my story for Bitetime based on the 2007 Lifetime movie My Baby Is Missing. I have never seen the movie, nor seen more of it than the Wikipedia page, so I took all my inspiration from the two paragraph plot description. To me, it screamed Sterek and an unexpected Alpha/Omega pregnancy. Please note, there are some disturbing tags on this fic. If you've read the description of the original movie, you already know why, otherwise you can check the end notes for minor spoilers. Some of the spoiler notes will be posted when those chapters post. This story was originally posted as a WiP, and is now completed at 10 chapters and almost 50k words.
Summary: Stiles had the perfect life: a rising star in law, on track to become partner before he's thirty, and a fling with one of the hottest dudes ever. Then the dude disappears, and Stiles finds out his omega heritage has tripped him up, leaving him with a troubled pregnancy and stuck on bed rest. But he's handling it! He's good on his own! Right up until something goes horribly, horribly wrong, and he has to figure out how to move forward and make everything right again.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 [on AO3 only due to length]
20 July 2015 @ 09:41 pm
Title: symphonies in my head
Format: Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1915 words
Warnings/Contains: marriage proposal, flash mob, past Derek/Braeden, single dad!Derek, future fic
Notes: This was originally written for prompt #129 - Accomplice at fullmoon_ficlet. I had this idea for a musical wedding proposal, and I asked my teenage daughter what song would Stiles use to propose to Derek and she looked through Spotify and played "Trumpets" by Jason Derulo and it was perfect, and thus, Stiles used it. The title and the lyrics in the story both come from that song. This is a slightly edited version from what was posted on fullmoon_ficlet. As always, I do not own the world nor characters of Teen Wolf, I just like to play with them.
Summary: The third anniversary. A time for solving cold cases and embarrassing oneself completely. Right?

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
19 July 2015 @ 08:55 pm
Title: relive the pain to make a change
Format: Fic
Author: |
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1009 words
Warnings/Contains: canonical character death, past character death, grief/mourning, alive!Erica
Notes: This was originally written for Prompt #122 - Lurk at fullmoon_ficlet, and I don’t even know. I had this scene in mind, and it sort of wandered from there, and I’m not even sure it’s coherent. I have also learned that it is pretty much impossible to tell a time travel story in 1k. Oops? As always, I do not own the characters nor world of Teen Wolf, I just like to play with them.
Summary: Erica was dead, right up until the moment that she walked into Derek’s apartment and said I know what to do, I know how to change everything.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
Title: Abominable
Story By: revenant_scribe

Rating: PG-14 | Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Status: One-shot | Word Count: 20,157
A/N: Because I found myself wanting to write a cute little story in which Stiles was an abominable snowman and then this happened. I'm sorry?

Summary: Where Derek buys a secluded cabin halfway up a mountain, meets a yeti and falls in love with Stiles, but not necessarily in that order.

READ @ : AO3
Title: Lycanthropy for Beginners
By: revenant_scribe

Chapter: 5/12 [word count status: 43,174]
Rating: PG-13 | Pairing: Derek/Stiles

Fic Summary: In which Stiles is a werewolf (but not a very good one), Derek is an alpha (however grudgingly), Scott is a good friend (most of the time) and the sheriff knows more than is good for him.

Chapter Excerpt: 'It takes Scott a minute because at first he thinks it's some sort of prank: some kids broke in and threw some red paint on the bus. Maroon is one of their school colors so it could be a delayed celebration of their most recent lacrosse win. But along with the red are some pretty deeply carved marks that cut through the back door of the bus and, even at this distance and looking at it from an awkward angle, Scott still can't help but consider them claw marks. "Oh no." He turns on his heel and races down the hall.'

Read @: AO3
Title: Red Riding Hood
By: revenant_scribe

Chapter: 2/5 [word count status: 38,326]
Rating: Mature | Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Warnings: Descriptions of violence and death in keeping with the series.
A/N: Inspired by this incredible video by paquim. Written with permission.

Summary: Beacon Hills is supposed to be peaceful, it's supposed to be a pleasant change of pace after New York. Ever since they moved, Stiles has been trying to make the best of it: working in his uncle's bakery, making friends, keeping his grades up, but somehow he keeps finding trouble. His parents, Chris and Victoria, think it's because he's looking for it but Stiles suspects there's something else at work. Lately it feels as if his whole family is in on a secret they haven't shared with him, and if there is one thing that Stiles is unable to resist, it's a good mystery.

Read @: AO3</a
04 June 2015 @ 12:28 pm
Title: Ridiculous
Author: the_diggler
Rating: PG13
Genre and/or Pairing: Hobrien RPF, fluff, humor
Warnings: the topic of Tyler Hoechlin's objectification
Word Count: 600 apx
Summary: Dylan hates it when Hoechlin gets asked to take his shirt off at conventions. Sure, he gets it. Tyler’s a good-looking guy to begin with, and when all those abs come out to play he’s really, really, ridiculously good-looking... All of a sudden the idea of Tyler being ogled by anyone, in any way, doesn’t sit well with Dylan at all.

( Read more... )

Title: Drowning Man
Author: the_diggler
Rating: NC17
Genre and/or Pairing: Dale Cooper x Stiles, Sterek at heart, RPF crossover, post season 4 future!fic, angst, slight H/C, sexual content, outside POV
Spoilers: implied spoilers for end of season 4
Warnings: references to porn/sex industry work
Word Count: 505
Notes: IDK where this came from. Maybe trying to deal with Tyler Hoechlin's departure by watching too much porn :s Mods if you feel this isn't Sterek enough feel free to delete, but the whole point of this is the Sterek.
Summary: Stiles goes to New York looking for Derek, and finds Derek's pornstar lookalike instead.

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Title: (magic) it’ll free your soul
Author: Spikedluv
Fandom: Teen Wolf (2011)
Rating: PG13/Pre-Slash
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Length: 16997 words
Spoilers: Through season 4.
Summary: When Laura disappears she leaves Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski looking for clues, and then her irate (read: worried) brother shows up at their door and Stiles learns something about himself that he never suspected.
Author’s Notes: Magic!Stiles. Bonding. Sheriff Stilinski is aware of the supernatural. This story takes place prior to episode 1.01, however it includes spoilers through season four. Written for round four of for the au: magic square. Title taken from Lovin’ Spoonful’s ‘Do You Believe In Magic.’
Thanks: To the meta writers whose theories inspired this story. (To see what theories I borrowed, see the notes at the end of the fic. Please keep in mind that they’re spoilery for the story.)
Dedication: This story is for , who won a fic from me at an auction just before my muse went MIA last year, and so she’s been waiting nearly a year and a half. This story is just one of the many I owe her for being so late, and I hope she enjoys it at least a little bit.
Feedback: Would be greatly appreciated.
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.
Written: April 29, 2015

Read Fic @ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3843613
07 April 2015 @ 11:48 pm
Changes on our hands and on our faces, oh, oh || Feel your energy rushing through me
Stiles/Derek, 14A
4000+ total words, unbeta'd

It started small, pretty much by accident.
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01 March 2015 @ 07:45 pm
Title: babies do attract attention
Format: Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles (pre-slash), plus background pairings
Rating: G
Length: 998 words
Warnings/Contains: background relationships (Scott/Kira, Lydia/Jackson, Isaac/unknown), baby, fluff
Notes: Originally written for Prompt #109 -- Harness at fullmoon_ficlet. I struggled with this one because apparently my brain has a default setting of smut and I kept coming up with adult ideas for the prompt. Then just as I was saying that I couldn't write something this week, I had a brainstorm and this spilled out in about twenty minutes (thirty with light editing). So I hope you enjoy some Sterek fluff with a borrowed baby! As always, I do not own the world nor characters of Teen Wolf, I just like to play with them.
Summary: Stiles can’t figure out the harness to carry the baby. Derek is ridiculously enchanted by the image.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
Title: Relationships That Start Under Intense Circumstances
Author: seraphina_snape
Rating: FRAO
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Stiles, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Scott, Allison, Melissa | Derek/Stiles (background Scott/Allison and Sheriff/Melissa)
Word Count: ~ 60k
Genre: AU/Action/Drama/Romance
Warnings: unethical medical practices (non-graphic, referred to in passing), canon-level violence, slight dub-con moment (more detailed warning for this on AO3)
Notes: written for the Sterek Big Bang

In a world where werewolves are a normal part of life and the Argents have turned from being hunters into leading one of the biggest pro-wolf organizations in the US, Stiles is the newly promoted assistant head of the Argent Weapons International R&D department. When he uncovers a conspiracy and finds evidence of an anti-werewolf movement that spreads into the highest positions at AWI, he knows he must do what he can to stop Kate and Gerard Argent from destroying what the rest of the Argents (and the rest of the world) have worked for so hard.

Things get a little complicated when Kate and Gerard turn the tables on Stiles and accuse him of treason and espionage. On the run and with killers on his tail to shut him up, Stiles has to find a way to stop the release of a dangerous product, prove his innocence and find a way to implicate Kate and Gerard in the conspiracy. With his dad, Scott and Allison in danger from Kate and Gerard, Stiles is incredibly grateful when he meets Derek Hale who promptly saves his life. But it soon becomes clear that Derek is hiding something that could be the undoing of Stiles and everything he's trying to do.

Relationships That Start Under Intense Circumstances @ AO3

21 February 2015 @ 07:21 pm
Title: Survivor
Format: Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles (background Allison/Isaac, Lydia/Aiden) (past Kate/Derek)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4,736 words
Warnings/Contains: AU (fusion--Survivor, reality TV)
Notes: This was originally written for Prompt #108 (Wealth) at fullmoon_ficlet. I was working on a different fic entirely when I had the whole scene with Stiles confessing why he wants the money pop into my head. And even though I have plans to write ANOTHER Survivor AU someday (much longer and more involved), this one kind of spilled out. It is unedited (SORRY!). As always, I do not own the world nor characters of Teen Wolf, I just like to play with them.
Summary: Derek gets on Survivor, but it’s not about winning the money. He doesn’t really expect how things turn out.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
Title: Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Author: seraphina_snape
Rating: teen
Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Genre: romance, kid fic, schmoopy Valentine's Day fic
Warnings: pure fluff :D
Disclaimer: not mine
Notes: Happy Valentine's Day!
"What are you doing?" Derek whispered, craning his neck to see what was happening on Stiles' side of the bed.

"I told you," Stiles said. He held the phone up for Derek, showing him the picture. "Our tiniest werewolf is trying to conquer the dresser."

read it here on AO3
01 February 2015 @ 09:34 am
Title: The Full Moon Killer
Author: thecheekydragon
Rating: PG
Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Word Count: 20K
Summary: The team gets called to Dr. Stiles Stilinski’s hometown of Beacon Hills to investigate a serial killer residents have dubbed ‘The Full Moon Killer’. A Teen Wolf/Criminal Minds Fusion.
Author's Notes: Written for Round 2 of sterek_big_bang

Read on: AO3
11 January 2015 @ 04:31 pm
Title: Dance Inside
Format: Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles (more Gen and pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5,453 words
Warnings/Contains: dancer derek, past character death, pre-slash
Notes: This was inspired by this prompt from jerakeenc on tumblr. When I read it, I couldn't get the idea out of my head for a story bookended by pre-canon and post-canon and Derek dancing. I had to write this, and it's not exactly the prompt, but it's what came out. As always, I do not own the world nor characters of Teen Wolf, I just like to play with the characters.
Summary: Dance has music. It has music similar to what Paige played, and maybe, just maybe, it can lift the darkness from around his heart and give him back the soul that her death took away. OR The one where Derek dances in NYC and when life in Beacon Hills calms down, maybe he can dance then, too.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 | on DW | on LJ
03 January 2015 @ 12:27 pm
Title: The Art of Sex
Author: wordsncolours
Rating: NC - 17
Genre and/or Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Spoilers: none
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 932
Notes: written for fullmoon_ficlet
Summary: Now that he was neither a teenager nor a virgin anymore, Stiles’s view had changed. Now, years later, he had learnt to appreciate the art of sex.
Disclaimer: I DON’T own anyone or anything. I DON’T own the characters. The fanfic is written for fun, NOT for profit.

Read more @ my LJ
03 January 2015 @ 11:20 am
Title: Alpha & Beta II
Author: wordsncolours
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Summary: Derek, Stiles and their own pack.
Disclaimer: I DON’T own anyone or anything. I DON’T own the characters. The fanart is made for fun, NOT for profit.

See @ my LJ
02 January 2015 @ 06:55 pm
Title: Alpha & Beta
Author: wordsncolours
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Summary: Derek, Stiles and their own pack.
Disclaimer: I DON’T own anyone or anything. I DON’T own the characters. The fanart is made for fun, NOT for profit.

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02 January 2015 @ 11:53 am

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01 January 2015 @ 06:05 pm
Secret Santa
1259 words, unbeta'd
Written for a challenge at gameofcards from the prompt "Getting a gift from an unexpected person."

Secret Santa, for once, went off relatively okay.
Relatively, anyway.
28 December 2014 @ 11:14 am
Title: Through the Darkness Shines a Light
Author: wordsncolours
Rating: R
Genre and/or Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Spoilers: for season 3 a/b
Warnings: Nogitsune!Stiles, canon divergence
Word Count: 1,685
Summary: Stiles was always the one they underestimate the most.
Disclaimer: I DON’T own anyone or anything. I DON’T own the characters. The fanfic is written for fun, NOT for profit.

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