Rachael (dancinbutterfly) wrote in stiles_derek,

Fic: The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep, 1/? (Teen Wolf, R, Derek/Stiles)

Title: The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep
Part: 1/?
Author: dancinbutterfly
Pairing: Derek/Stiles (Allison/Scott)
Words: 1700
Rated: R
Warning: Graphic violence, mentions of historical torture and non-con, spoilers through S2E8.
Beta: Thanks for the quick and dirty beta by sly_fuck
Notes: written for the prompt at the comment ficathon: Derek/Stiles, They took his mate, hurt his mate, and they're all going to bleed for it.
Summary: Stiles is taken as a message to the Hale pack. Derek and the rest are searching for him but with his captors in possession of a true monster on a leash, their efforts may not be enough.

Chapter 1 - Way Leads to Way on AO3 or on my livejournal
Tags: by: dancinbutterfly, genre: angst, genre: horror, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: pre-slash, genre: romance, genre: violence/gore, rating: r, type: fanfic
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