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Nowhere Man |NC-17| 2/8

Title:  Nowhere Man
Fandom: Teen Wolf (Still regretting NOTHING!)
Words: (this chap) 6325
Summary: When Stiles first heard from his father that he hired Derek Hale as a bodyguard, his first reaction was, ‘ANNND EYYYYYY EEEEE EYYYYYE EEEE EEEYYYYYE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUU' and a hysterical laugh. His second reaction was “Oh, shit,” and panic.
Warnings: Attempt at plot!  Angst! Descriptions of panic attacks! alpha/omega dynamics(made up to fit this story. They're not the "typical" dynamics you find in fic)! Creepy stalker behavior! A metric fuckton of more angst! Boys being stupid! (mostly) Off-screen mpreg and ... kid!fic! This is a wip. I hope to be able to post every three days or so, but fair warning.
Anyway, this is dedicated to mah bb, jlm121 because I love her.   Beta'd by the amazing diva0789!

Read on Ao3   ||  Chapter 1  || Chapter 2
Tags: by: 1lostone, genre: angst, genre: drama, rating: nc-17, type: fanfic, word count: 25001 and above
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