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show me your teeth

a teen wolf derek/stiles community

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Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski slash fan community

welcome +
Welcome to stiles_derek! Show Me Your Teeth is a home for EVERYTHING involving MTV's Teen Wolf Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski - fics, pics, icons, vids, discussion - you name it!

Please contact a mod with any of your questions/comments/concerns.

The characters and events depicted in these fanworks are fictional. Any similarity to any actual person, living or dead, or to any actual events, firms and institutions and other entities is coincidental and unintentional. All characters used are the legal property of their respective creators and/or owners and their constituents. stiles_derek does not profit from anything posted and does not own any of the source material.
the rules +
  1. Every post must be on-topic - it must focus on Derek AND Stiles' relationship. Posts with off-topic content will be deleted immediately without warning.

  2. All posts need headers and titles. Please use one of the headers suggested by the community and don't use highlighted backgrounds/coloured font/custom font as this will alter the esthetics of the community's layout. If your post does not have a header it will be taken down without warning for grounds of plagiarism.

  3. TAG YOUR POST! Tagging makes it easier for readers to navigate and search for fics. But you don't have to go crazy with the tags, you can keep it basic (rating and type) or as complicated as your heart desires. Kink warnings either need to be mentioned in the author's notes or by using a tag. Slash warnings are unnecessary and redundant. Use the author's tag provided.
  4. An author's tag will only be given to a writer/vidder/artist/podficcer/etc of three fanworks or more. It is up to the author to make the request for an author's tag once they have reached the fanworks quota required for a tag here. Else, use a general author tag starting with your username. Multiple chapters of the same work does not count to the total quota of three or more fanworks. Please don't make multiple requests for a tag. If you don't have three or more unique fanworks, your request will be denied. An author's tag must be used whether you are a writer/vidder/artist/podficcer/etc (either their respective tag or the general one provided).

  5. stiles_derek is meant to be a safe space for all fans. All fans should feel welcome to contribute and/or lurk here, no matter what kinks they may have or what characters they may like. Bashing of any kind - character, kink, pairings, and especially fellow fans - is prohibited. So let's play nice.

  6. All types of Derek and Stiles related MTV's Teen Wolf fics and fanwork are allowed here - gen, het, slash.

  7. THE LJ-CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Find out how to make one here. Preview images must be no bigger than 350x350 pixels, this includes fanmix covers as it will distort not only the comm's layout but many members own layouts on their friends' page. Videos and images larger than 400 px in width must be behind a cut.

  8. All fic must be placed behind a cut. Extensive lyrics, quotes, and author's notes must be placed behind a cut.

  9. Beta requests and fanwork searches have their own post on the community, if either is posted outside of their respective posts, it will be deleted as redundancy. The community encourages beta readers to frequently consult the beta request post to see if an author requires their skill set. If inquiring over the existence of a certain fanwork, members should direct their inquires to fic finding post and community members are asked to check the post to help fellow members or direct inquires to teenwolffinders.

  10. Fanworks prompts (e.g. fic ideas, fic requests, vid ideas, etc.) will be deleted from the community as there is already a vibrant and active kink meme to direct these requests to. Please direct prompts to teenwolfkink.

  11. Art is allowed (and encouraged), but please place it behind a cut and mark it as WORKSAFE (WS) or NOT WORKSAFE (NSFW). You may post WS thumbnails outside a cut as a teaser for the larger image (if the image itself is NSFW, you may crop a WS part for the thumbnail). Preview images must be no bigger than 350x350 pixels, this includes fanmix covers.

  12. Spoilers for the show must DEFINITELY be placed behind a cut. Spoilers may include episode titles, icons using screencaps from a new or upcoming episode, and more.

  13. Do not link to locked material. If you post a link back to your journal, the post must be public. If a mod comes across a post linking to locked material, we will ask the poster to unlock the material in question. If the material is not unlocked in a timely manner, we will delete the post. If you wish to post protected material to the community, you may lock the post to members only. Be aware that visitors who are not members of the community will not be able to see your posts.

  14. Posts need to have actual content. Thoughtful discussion posts are encouraged, but brief one-liners, flippant posts with minimal thought or posts with little content pertaining to the relationship of Derek and Stiles are not considered on-topic and will be rejected and/or deleted. Reminders about fandom polls/campaigns/events need to be cleared with a mod or it will be deleted as a flippant post.

  15. Permission for posting announcements for new communities, polls, ficathons, etc. need to be cleared by a mod first. Do not post an off-topic announcement with the preface of 'Mods if this isn't allowed, delete'. Mods are very open to such announcements provided you can put an on-topic, 'Derek and Stiles spin' on to them.

  16. Posting here means you are giving your consent to your post being archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both. Mods expect you to follow the posting templates for fanfic and other fanworks below.

  17. Please note that all fanworks (including fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, and all web graphics such as icons and wallpapers) are the creation of the fan who made them, and you may not claim anyone else's work as your own. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. If you would like to use or archive any fanworks that you did not create, you must contact the creator directly for permission.

  18. Posts are unmoderated but are subject to change if members do not respect the community's rules. If that occurs it is to ensure content falls within the rules and guidelines for the community. Members may be put on unmoderated posting for consistently following rules and guidelines, though members must keep in mind that unmoderated posting is a privilege and not a right. That privilege may be taken away without notice if any rules are broken.

  19. To recap, play nice with each other and we won't have any problems.

posting guidelines +
Please use the following headers when posting to stiles_derek:

For fanfics:

For podfics:

For fanvids:

For fanmixes:

For other fanworks:

affiliates +
credits +
LAYOUT CREDIT :: enamors/nightingails
PROFILE CREDIT :: gossymer/noveltybox
MOOD THEME CREDIT :: thefrozenheart
BANNER CREDIT :: robanybody